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Hello, my name is Taufic Bazi! Al Bazi in Lebanon is a small, family-owned business, dedicated to the import, export and distribution of construction materials, tools, and home care products. We are a Brazilian-Lebanese family built on a foundation of hard work, ingenuity, and resilience inspired by our immigrant past.

Our story began just before Christmas, in 1956, when my father, Fayez Bazi, at just 13 years old, left our tiny vil age in northern Lebanon and boarded the S/S Salta freighter ship on a one-way journey to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Young Fayez scrapped together a living selling odds and ends in the streets of Rio, all the while learning Portuguese, and finding his way in his new home. He eventually landed a job as a sales manager, traveling across the country, and rising to become the company’s top salesman.

After success as a salesman, Fayez settled down to start his own business and raise a family. He moved to a city in central Brazil - Anápolis, Goiás - and met a young Brazilian-Lebanese girl from a neighboring village in his native Lebanon. They opened a vibrant bakery on the city’s bustling central square, Bom Jesus, which they ran for over 20 years. Fayez and Hind raised five children in our modest home and were grateful for the opportunity and success they found in their adopted homeland.

Throughout nearly 40 years in Brazil, our family still maintained a deep affection for Lebanon, connecting through the local immigrant community and sharing the history, culture, and food at home whenever possible. As the Lebanese Civil War ended in the 1990s, we packed up our lives in Brazil, moved to Beirut, and joined the energy and enthusiasm of rebuilding the country.

My father Fayez and I founded “Al Bazi in Lebanon” in the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of the Lebanese and our immigrant past in Brazil. Our strong, family-owned business is an integral part of the community and we welcome your business.

Our mission

To provide industry-leading products and top quality customer service specializing in construction materials, tools and home care.


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